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Our competitive rates
in an almost minimal
margin of difference
allows you to get higher
equipment compared
to the rest, in short
you get more for less.


Company Profile; A different approach

Manila Aero Club Flying Academy is a freshly institutionalized flying school in the Philippines. It was established as a derivative of the defunct Manila Aero Club which used to provide aviation enthusiasts the privilege of enjoyable flying in the Philippines for several decades. The name now represents an institution that provides formal education, training and exp-erience in aviation especially in this era where the aviation transportation industry is booming locally and internationally.The academy takes pride from the extensive and unparalleled experience of its founders, both in flying and in business, and affiliations with existing general aviation com-panies involved in chartered flights and other aviation-related services. Manila Aero Club Flying Academy pilots and instructors have combined their aeronautical knowledge, skills and experiences that translate into flying proficiency and optimum safety in aviation as these attributes are inculcated into the minds and character of upcoming pilots and aviators.

Manila Aero Club Flying Academy offers interested student pilots the ba-sic requirements to become a licensed, safe and excellent aviators com-mencing with the BASIC PRIVATE PILOT GROUND INSTRUCTION and FLIGHT COURSE leading to a PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE. Modern learning procedures combining classroom instructions simultaneously with actual flight instructions avoid the unnecessary waste of your valuable time and allow a much interesting and comprehensive method of training. At Ma-nila Aero Club Flying Academy, flying and learning are guaranteed by our unique methods which also include a low student to instructor ratio signi-fying our principle of accepting only a limited number of students for the purpose of being able to meet the necessary demands for much higher quality aviation education. Manila Aero Club Flying Academy, is Proficien-cy-oriented not Profit-Oriented. Quality is our priority and not Quantity. Our institution boasts a modern way of dealing with our clientele with our honest sincere approach towards company client relationship. A low stu-dent to aircraft ratio likewise guarantees that student pilots will have their deserved flight time on schedule instead of having to endure the hectic and irritating waiting time for one’s turn to fly while other students are endlessly lined up for their turn.

The school has highly competent instructors and staff, the facilities and equipments, the organizational set-up and protocols that will provide for all the needs of every student pilot. Documentation assistance and legal facilitation are also provided likewise a unique basic familiarization orien-tation (for foreign students) regarding how to adjust and cope-up with the local environment and society to make your stay as a visitor as one pleasurable learning experience.

The school also provides flexible payment schedules that can tailor-fit to the demands of the students, cost effective vis-à-vis time-frame sche-dules. Packaged programs are offered which may include comfortable and convenient accommodations, provision for food and transportation, social and tourism programs.

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