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Our competitive rates
in an almost minimal
margin of difference
allows you to get higher
equipment compared
to the rest, in short
you get more for less.


Intrument Rating (Flight) Course

Actual Instrument Flights

1. ATC Communication Procedure
2. SID’s Airways Flying/SSR Vectoring
3. Timed Turns, Time to Station
4 . “A” “B” “C” Patterns Practise
5. ADF, LOP, Interception, Entry Holding Approach Misapproach
6. VOR-LOP Interception, Entry Holding Approach/ Misapproach
7. ILS Precision Approach/ Non Precision Approach
8. Fixing and Hold Over a Fix

TOTAL : minimum of 10 hours flight time with optional night instrument flying

Endorsement for Instrument Rating to ATO

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