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Our competitive rates
in an almost minimal
margin of difference
allows you to get higher
equipment compared
to the rest, in short
you get more for less.


Manila Aero Club Flying Academy provides the necessary learning atmosphere catering to the needs of student pilots, again, we wish to make your stay a memorable and pleasurable experience wherein you are guaranteed a winner in terms of our educational offering

Excellence in training begins with a dedicated, professional staff. From instructors and ground crew all the way to adminis-trative personnel, Manila Aero Club Flying Academy is proud of the quality and competence of all of our employees.

Being the first island down south of the island of Luzon, its location allows the challenging option to fly traffic-congested routes coming in and out of manila to provide skill enhancement of handling and communications in busy aerodromes.

San Jose Airport is located at the southwestern side of Mindoro Island and has several immediate airfields within the island to allow a non-congested continuous training ground for the student to familiarize with weather observance and terrain avoidance

San Jose Airport is likewise equipped with a VOR (Very High Omni Directional Range) Transmitter allowing a convenient learning opportunity in regards to basic instrument approaches, a privilege not commonly available to other training airport areas.

Moreover it is very close within proximity range with scenic destinations such as Boracay, Cebu, Iloilo and other Islands within the Visayas region and allows these opportunistic flights as your cross-country training flight therefore giving you a learning process of enhancing your flying skill combined with a semi-sight-seeing tour approach.

Single-Engine: Cessna C172
4 Seater       : 160 hp

Additional seats will allow students to sit as observers permitting an on-board in-flight classroom therefore maximizing and expediting your learning experience.

Cessna C172

Referred to by many customers as The Classic, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk is an exciting four-seater aircraft that is a perfect mix of performance & value. This successful & popular design offers conventional avionics & instrumentation & is a dependable cross-country flyer.

Multi-Engine: Beechcraft BE-55 Baron
6 Seater       : 260 hp (x2)

Our Competitive rates in an almost minimal margin of difference allows you to get higher equipment compared to the rest, in short you get more for less.

Beechcraft BE-55 Baron

the Baron has always been near the top of the light airplane hierarchy. As expensive to operate as it is to buy, the 'next step up' from a Baron is a very big one. Faster aircraft, with greater range and more load-carrying capability are generally turbine-powered and far more expensive.

Amenities in El Mora Hotel are world-class with facilities including swimming pool, function rooms and lounging areas where relaxation is the first order of business. It is the tie that binds you to the sights of Mindoro and the destinations further down south.

Airconditioned Classroom for more comfotable learning. And of course nothing beats the comforts of home with our lounge area, traditional and exuding with the warmth of the Filipino hospitality.

It is your modern haven where you can unwind at the end of each day from all that sightseeing. lounging at the beach or trekking. Or you can stay the whole day, enjoy the feel of Mindoro without having to give up your modern luxuries.

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